About Us

99p Store UK was established in 2009 after two years of project planning. We currently have 22 stores across the UK, with 18 of those in Wales. We pride ourselves on bringing great value products to our customers at the lowest possible prices. We sell many different products, ranging from DVDs to Pens, and we aim to continually expand our range to bring you the best products.

"We pride ourselves on bringing great value products to our customers at the lowest possible prices"

We recently decided to go online to promote all of our fantastic products to you, our customers. We really feel that you need to know just what we sell as it could really provide you with many quality value substitutes for your usual goods. We now advertise all the products we sell on this website, so have a look and see if we have anything that tickles your fancy!

Our Customers

We really care about you, our customers. That's why we have an extensive Customer Charter in place so that we take the best possible care of you. If you were to have any problems or issues with our products, you would only need to contact us with a description of your problem and we would do the rest. The least you can expect is a full refund!

"We really care about you, our customers"

99p Store UK

99p Store Website: A Reflection Of the Project

30/03/2011 21:38
  Overall, I think my project was very successful. I mainly stuck to my original website plan; only changing things which were affected by Webnode’s functionality. I thought my plan was extensive but lacked detail in targeting customer groups such as young people and mothers; it only...

My Webnode Reflection: A Very Useful CMS

30/03/2011 20:54
  Webnode provided an excellent framework to my project. It took away many hours of work because it supplied excellent templates for my website. It also provides an intuitive web-based GUI so that users of little web development experience can feel comfortable whilst using it. Webnode, just...

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